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I feared this video will dissapear from YT soon so I am hosting it here to make sure it will remain available. Transcript of important milestones in the above detailed  video:
0:00:00 – 0:22:42 long winded build up on background technical information – From here on, the video presentation starts to get pretty intense
0:22:42 – review of his scientific papers where he points out the inclusion of yet a 4th important paper that appears on the very bottom of his PowerPoint Slide
0:23:23 – excessive excitotoxicity is related to virtually all mental health problems from seizures, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, ADHD, etc.
0:24:12 – the central problem in autistic children’s brains is the chronic activation of microglia
0:25:05 – in a normal infection, in a normal brain, everytime your body’s immune system kicks in your brain’s immune system’s microglia are automatically activated, but quickly shuts down once its job is done in order to protect the human brain
0:25:43 – what happens in Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders is that the microglia turn on, but wont turn off, or in otherwords the microglia goes into a hyperactive state
0:27:48 – Blaylocks’s hypotheses has been virtually proven – plus, the greatest damage takes place in the cerebellum
0:28:59 – when things go wrong the brain’s microglia remain in a hyperactive state for decades, goes on forever, while slowly destroying the brain
0:29:58 – microglia normally in a normal brain are in a resting state and secrete compounds that repair the brain
0:30:42 – in autism hyperactive microglia get stuck in a destructive state
0:30:58 – most of it is reversable because the neurons are still intact and can be repaired, provided you can stop the destructive state of the microglia
0:31:44 – what you need to do is reduce brain inflammation which translates to reducing excitotoxicity which in turn allows the brain to repair itself
0:34:58 – sickness behavior is what connects vaccines to the damange being done to the human brain
0:34:22 – long lasting clinical depression sets in
0:35:14 – sickness behavior (ie, when the body is invaded, the brain is invaded)
0:35:00 – why vaccines cause autism – microglia priming
0:36:40 – microglia priming in the uterus or shortly after birth will affect the microglia when the vaccinated person becomes an adult, and most likely will experience seizures, depression, etc.
0:37:00 – during the first series of vaccines for new born children – hyperactive microglia get stuck in a destructive state and wont stop
0:37:53 – Chart – United States gives more vaccines than any other country in the world
0:38:04 – PowerPoint Slide of the childhood vaccination schedule in the United States
0:41:43 – is this vaccination schedule in the first year of life harmful?
0:43:52 – the vaccine is doing something that we do not normally see happen
0:44:00 – glutamte in food (such as MSG) will also prime the microglia for life
0:44:30 – H1N1, the CDC is lying
0:48:00 – metals, mercury, and adjuvants in vaccines are powerful activators of microglia
0:52:59 – leaky gut connection, MMR vaccine
0:54:27 – aluminum adjuvant – aluminum in vaccines is cumulative and stays in the microglia
0:58:53 – activated microglia review PowerPoint Slide
1:00:00 – astrocytes review PowerPoint Slide
1:00:46 – mercury primarily accumulates in astrocytes
1:09:29 – summary PowerPoint Slide
1:01:34 – Alzheimer’s disease connection – the autism of older people
1:02:21 – how to protect against excitotoxicity


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